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GEKO Engineering & Construction
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Engineering Services

The engineering department of GEKO-Engineering & Construction is staffed by engineers of various specialties, covering a wide range of services, giving our customers the best and most complete solutions for each situation.

We are characterized by the immediacy and the quality of the services we offer both to individuals and to fellow engineers who are either unable to meet the delivery times or they want a more specialized service.

In recent years, with the rise of the programs, our office has managed to accept more than 80% of the requests its receives, while the nationwide average of the percentage  of  approved requests is  around 50%. We take it upon to inform  you about the programs that have been announced but also what is excepted, which one suits your case and what you have to do to join.
Issuance of building permits
We undertake to quickly and economically issue the construction of a building of any use. Our office has issued dozens of Construction Permits for residential buildings, shops industrial areas, warehouses, schools and areas of health and social welfare.
Legalizations of Arbitrary
Our office has vast experience at legalization arbitrary constructions having more than 500 arbitrary properties. We explain  the process in detail, we calculate the fine accurately and we complete the documents necessary to complete the legalization process of your property in a timely and responsible manner.
Electronic Building Identity

The Electronic Building Identity is a very useful tool to keep all the files related to a property electronically and in one place, and it is also necessary for all transfers. Our many years of experience ensure the correct and immediate issuance of the Electronic Building Identity at a very competitive cost.

 Energy Certificates 
Having issued hundreds of energy certificates, the experience and speed of issuance should be taken for granted. It is necessary for transfers, leases as well as for programs. Contact our office to issue the required certificate and to propose interventions to improve the energy performance of your building. The Energy Certificate is valid for 10 years.
Static Adequacy Studies

We  prepare the static adequacy studies which are required by N.4495/17. Many fellow engineers turn to us for the preparations of the static adequacy studies which are required for the legalizations of the arbitrary constructions that they have undertaken in accordance with N.4495/17.

The immediacy of our service has made us ideal partners for all engineers who either do not have time or they are unable to prepare such specialized studies.